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Product and Service

Our Roadmap

  • 2021

    Infrastructure & Building
    AIS Base Station Project
    Certificate: ISO29110

  • 2022

    Multi Smart Meter Integration
    AIS Base Station Project

  • 2023

    3rd Party Interfacing Micro Service
    PEA: Virtual Power Plant Project, RE Certified
    MEA : TLM, Smart meter
    GULF : Solar Roof

  • 2024

    Precise Control Standard & Data Privacy

  • 2025

    Data Analytic & Optimization

  • 2026

    Data Aggregator (Ai)

  • 2027

    Smart Grid Ecosystem

Frequently Asked Questions


WellFine Tech is an environmentally conscious company that specializes in Energy AI Management Platform. Our business model is based on Thailand then plan to across multiple Asian countries. More than a platform provider, but accelerator our customer transforms to sustainable energy. To acchive the goal we will begin to invest heavily into expansion, stable and plan to dominate the market within the first 5 years.

We aim to be Asia's leading AI energy management platform with Wellfine HES(Head End System) revolutionizing Smart Energy to provide value-for-money services to our customers. It is convenient to use. and flexible power management solutions to all meter brands.

We support muti-brand meter and aim to support all meter brands.


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