Introduction to Wellfine HES

Wellfine HES (Wellfine Head End System) is an electric power management system. In which the user can see the amount of electricity used in Real-Time, see the overview of the electricity usage each day, each month until each year, showing the installation information of the device. which users can analyze electricity usage data Efficiently classify the energy consumption of machines or equipment.

There are various notifications If the device has a problem and can still do Billing Summary of usage for each month To lead to the system and plan for efficient production control. Suitable for industrial plants General electricity users can use the system.

Wellfine HES support muti-brand meter and aim to support all meter brands.


  • It is a Cloud Platform that supports system expansion quickly. no limit and can connect to Multi Protocol.
  • Able to view information on daily electricity usage in Real-Time.
  • Supports showing the location of the meter installed on the map using real-time geographic coordinates.
  • Web applications are designed to be easy to use, User friendly and can be customized.
  • Able to export data or various graphs so that the data can be analyzed.
  • Supports integration with leading ERP, billing and CRM systems such as SAP, Oracle and others.
  • Store data on a cloud service system of a service provider with high security standards.
  • Is there a REST API for developers or synchronization with the software other immediately.